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Charging Tesla’s throughout Vancouver or anywhere in the province of British Columbia is easy and convenient. ZEROCAR offers Supercharging at all Tesla Superchargers located throughout the province. Simply select the nearest Supercharger location on the display via the Supercharger icon and navigate to the Supercharger and plug-in.

If a Tesla Supercharger is not available to you there is an extensive network of third-party electric vehicle charging locations available throughout the province. Charging a vehicle is the responsibility of each driver if using a third-party charging location along with any associated costs. The cost of charging via a third-party charger ranges in price from free to a few dollars per hour. Customers are not required to return their vehicles fully charge, we will take care of that.

Freedom to Travel

Trip Planner

Enter your destination on the touchscreen and Trip Planner will automatically calculate your route indicating all the Superchargers along the way.

How to operate

To use a Supercharger, simply navigate to an available charger within the Tesla app, plug-in and charge automatically. For more information on how to charge a Tesla visit our FAQ page to watch our video tutorials on how to operate a Tesla and for more information on the services ZEROCAR offers.

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Third-party Charger

The province of British Columbia offers an extensive network of third-party electric vehicle charging locations available throughout the region.

PlugShare and ChargeHub provide charging stations map with all information you need about Vancouver’s charging infrastructure. The charging stations description gives you the address, the type of connector, the network, the price and more. When charging at a non-Tesla charging station, you will need to connect the adapter, found in the Mobile Connector kit before charging.

Tesla Supercharger

Convenient Locations

The Superchargers App For Tesla is a comprehensive and dynamic database of Tesla Superchargers around the globe. Locating Superchargers near you and adds several features including check-ins, photos, nearby points of interest, a discussion forum, and user comments for each Supercharger.

  • Richmond
  • Kelowna
  • Whistler
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Types of chargers for Tesla

Level 1

  • 120v

  • 18-20 hrs

  • Residential Charging

  • Every Hour Charging adds about 4.8 km's
  • Standard 120V Outlet

Level 2

  • 240v

  • 5-8 hrs

  • Public Charging

  • Every Hour Charging adds about 70.8 km's
  • Standard 240V Outlet


  • 480v

  • 30-90 mins

  • Tesla Supercharger

  • Every Hour Charging adds about 321.9 km's
  • Standard 480V Outlet