Frequently Asked Questions

Is my out of country driver's license good in BC?

Yes as long as it can be read in English.

Do I have to return the car charge?

No need to return the car charge.

What if my plane is delayed and I arrive late to my appointment?

We suggest you give us your flight details in the comment section, with your cell phone number. If you depart late please advise us.

Can I change the time I pick-up the car?

Time booked are by appointment only, you must pre-arrange to pick-up early or late if time permits.

Do I get discounts for longer rentals?

Yes, please go to the pricing page to see duration discounts.

I'm under 25 years old can I drive your cars?

Yes, we have special insurance for 21-24 years, you will be charged an extra fee.

Do you offer delivery of vehicle?

Yes we do for an extra fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please refer to the cancellation page.

Do you have KM limit?

Yes most of our cars are limited to 300km a day, cumulative.

I have my own insurance on my credit card can I use it?

No most credit cards only cover the car up to a certain MSRP value, they don’t cover the liability either and have many other restrictions. You must use our insurance on the cars.

Are CAR SHARE vehicles available?

As a result of a technical malfunction resulting in an inconsistent user experience across our SHARE product fleet, we are temporarily halting the operation of SHARE vehicles to address this issue and make improvements to ensure a consistent and quality experience for all drivers. We will be working with our partners to return SHARE vehicles as soon as possible.

Video Tutorials

View the ZEROCAR tutorials for information on our services and how to operate a Tesla. Follow us on instagram and xiaohongshu (RED) for more video tutorials and updates.