May 3, 2023

Waterfalls to Vineyards: BC’s Best Tesla Road Trip for the May 24 Long Weekend!

A May 24 long weekend trip to British Columbia offers a wealth of family-friendly activities to enjoy while driving a Tesla. With the province’s breathtaking natural beauty, there are countless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

1. Explore Vancouver’s Stanley Park

Begin your journey in Vancouver, where you can take a scenic drive around Stanley Park. This 1,000-acre park is a treasure trove of nature, featuring lush forests, picturesque beaches, and a network of walking and cycling trails. Don’t miss the famous totem poles at Brockton Point and the Vancouver Aquarium, which is home to a variety of marine life.

2. Drive the Sea to Sky Highway

Get back in your Tesla and head north on Highway 99, also known as the Sea to Sky Highway. This stunning drive offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and coastal mountains. Stop at Shannon Falls, British Columbia’s third-highest waterfall, for a family photo and a short hike.

3. Discover Whistler

Continue your journey to Whistler, a world-renowned ski resort and mountain biking haven. In May, the snow has usually melted enough for you to explore the area’s hiking and biking trails. Ride the Peak 2 Peak Gondola for panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, and visit the Whistler Olympic Park, where you can try out activities like biathlon and disc golf.

4. Visit Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

Drive further north to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, where you’ll find a series of stunning turquoise glacial lakes. The park offers a moderate 10-kilometer round-trip hike that takes you past all three lakes, with plenty of opportunities for family photos and picnics. Be prepared for some steep sections and uneven terrain, but the views are well worth the effort.

5. Experience the Ancient Forest

Head east to the Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Park, which is home to some of the oldest and largest inland temperate rainforest in the world. Wander through the towering cedar trees on the accessible boardwalk trail and marvel at the ancient beauty of this unique ecosystem. The park offers picnic areas and educational displays, making it a perfect spot for families to learn and explore together.

6. Drive the Okanagan Valley

Finally, make your way south to the Okanagan Valley, known for its picturesque vineyards, fruit orchards, and warm climate. Stop at one of the many family-friendly wineries for a tasting and a bite to eat, or pick fresh fruit at a local orchard. Enjoy a day at one of the valley’s many lakes, where you can swim, paddleboard, or simply relax on the beach.

Throughout your journey, make use of Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network in British Columbia to ensure a seamless driving experience. This May 24 long weekend, let your Tesla transport you and your family on an unforgettable adventure through the natural wonders of British Columbia, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.