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Tesla Car Rental

ZEROCAR is a Vancouver based company specialized in daily rentals of luxury electric vehicles. We are conveniently located in Richmond BC at less than 20 minutes from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR). We offer a free pick up option for clients from the airport, just take a cab from the airport and we will credit you the fair on your rental (contact us for the complete details).


To rent with us just go in our reservation menu, put dates you want the vehicle and see what’s available and reserve it. You will need to choose a mandatory protection package for the car with a deductible. You can also chose other options depending on the vehicle and we can deliver the car to any location in the Greater Vancouver area for a fee.


Charging in Vancouver and all over BC is easy and simple as there is a lot of public chargers available. Cost of public chargers goes form free to few dollars per hours. For convenience, we will provide you with an access card to the major charging station network available in BC. You will be responsible for charging the vehicles during your rental and for the cost, if any, associated with the recharge.

It’s easy to find the charging station. There are few websites and phone applications who will tell you where you can charge. The most popular are www.plugshare.com and www.chargehub.com . If you still can’t find were to charge don’t hesitate to ask us and we will help you to find a charging station.

One of the good things about renting an electric vehicle it’s that you don’t need to charge the vehicle before bringing it back to us (if you choose the offsite delivery option you may be asked to give the vehicle with a certain charge amount).

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